OvaCure | Antikankerfonds (NL)


OvaCure is a Danish, scientific innovation incubator, accelerating curative treatments in the fight against ovarian cancer. Not-for-profit. OvaCure initiates and accelerates innovative clinical projects with breakthrough potential that can lead to life prolonging or curative treatment for women with ovarian cancer. By partnering with the world’s leading experts, OvaCure acts as a unique catalyst in accelerating curative treatments and deliver these methods faster to patients.

Anticancer Fund serves as a scientific knowledge center. The ACF assesses projects and informs OvaCure about their scientific value based on the current knowledge in the field. Projects are followed up on a milestone-matched funding approach and therefore the ACF maintains a close direct contact with the key opinion leaders. The ACF also helps to identify leading scientists for the annual OvaCure Innovation Summits and Collaboration Labs, which are relevant to the proposed subject and assists to generate a summary of the meeting.

Lydie Meheus, managing director of Anticancer Fund also takes the position as one of the esteemed Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board Members of OvaCure.