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Our research focus

Advancing cancer research for patients’ benefit

At the Anticancer Fund, our commitment to combatting cancer is anchored in a strategic focus on clinical research.
By initiating and facilitating research projects, we contribute to the long-term progress of the fight against cancer.

Clinical research is our core activity

We are an independent, non-profit intermediary working with universities, hospitals and researchers to set up clinical trials.
Our trials focus on therapy avenues with limited commercial value for the pharma industry but potential societal value.
As an impact-driven organisation, we select trials that can bring new treatment options to patients as rapidly as possible.

The Anticancer Fund currently supports 29 trials.

How we support clinical trials

Funding process

The Anticancer Fund provides financial support to institutions conducting clinical trials.

Researchers and trial sponsors submit an application for funding first, and then go through a rigorous selection process.

Selection criteria

Each research project has to meet our six Core Criteria, and must be in one of our High-Priority Cancer Types.


High-Priority Cancer Types
  • Paediatric solid tumours, including brain tumours and sarcomas
  • Gynaecological cancers (excluding breast cancer)
  • Adult brain tumours and brain metastases
  • Hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancers

To learn more about the core criteria for funding, please click on the button here below.

Opportunities for researchers

We consider applications from any country, encourage co-funding, and are open to any trial phase.

We also welcome spontaneous applications, and regularly run Requests for Application that have distinct selection criteria.

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Our approach to clinical research

The clinical trials we support are the cornerstone of our pursuit of better outcomes for people facing cancer. Here’s how we make a difference:

Prioritising societal value: We champion therapy avenues that may lack broad commercial appeal for the pharmaceutical industry, but hold significant societal value.

Swift access to treatments: We foster clinical trials designed to bring new treatment options to patients rapidly.

Meticulous resource allocation: Clinical trials are costly, therefore we allocate our resources preciously, funding only those endeavours that align with the conviction of the experts and the patients we consult upfront, and of our team of dedicated doctors and scientists.

Global impact: Results from a clinical study conducted in one country are relevant to patients worldwide. Therefore, our portfolio of trials is international.