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World Cancer Day - unveiling the impact of My Cancer Navigator, a beacon for cancer patients

World Cancer Day - unveiling the impact of My Cancer Navigator, a beacon for cancer patients

BRUSSELS – Ahead of World Cancer Day, the Anticancer Fund proudly presents the achievements of My Cancer Navigator, our free information service that has been a pillar of support for cancer patients globally. As the world unites in the fight against cancer, the Anticancer Fund highlights the impact My Cancer Navigator has had in the last five years.

Over the past five years, My Cancer Navigator has played an important role in helping cancer patients and their families, providing them with valuable information and guidance. Today, anticipating World Cancer Day, the Anticancer Fund is pleased to share key statistics that underscore the significance of My Cancer Navigator’s contributions to cancer support:

  • 1.466 patients informed: My Cancer Navigator has interacted with 1.466 patients from 2019 to 2023, who had questions about their cancer and cancer treatment.
  • 3.026 questions: The service has addressed 3.026 registered questions from these patients and offered them clear and evidence-based information.
  • 75 countries: Patients from 75 different countries have benefited from My Cancer Navigator's support, as we are committed to help patients globally.

Top 4 Most Asked Questions:

  • "What can you tell me about a specific treatment?”
  • “What are my treatment options?"
  • "Which clinical trials might I be eligible for?"
  • "Which expert or centre of expertise could I reach out to for a second opinion?"

Cancer type breakdown (5% of patients or more)

  • Gastrointestinal cancer: 23%
  • Breast cancer: 22%
  • Brain cancer: 13%
  • Gynaecological cancer: 7%
  • Genitourinary cancer: 6%
  • Sarcoma: 6%
  • Lung cancer: 5%

These figures not only show the breadth of My Cancer Navigator's impact but also highlight the need for reliable and accessible support for individuals facing the complexities of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Empowering cancer patients globally

On World Cancer Day, the Anticancer Fund reaffirms its commitment to empowering patients affected by cancer through innovative and compassionate initiatives like My Cancer Navigator. By offering patients personalised information, we help them explore their treatment options and engage in shared-decision making with their care team.

Spread the word and make a difference

Join us in spreading the word about My Cancer Navigator. Share these numbers, and consider making a donation to support our mission in providing free and reliable information to cancer patients around the world.

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