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Annual Reports & Financial Transparency

Curious to learn more about us and gain insights into our journey and financial figures? The impact of the Anticancer Fund is encapsulated in our annual reports. Dive into these documents and discover our milestones, the challenges we have overcome and the lives we have touched along the way.

Our reports go beyond numbers: we share stories of researchers, patients, and supporters, because they reflect the impact we have made. Together.

Cover Annual Report Anticancer Fund 2023
Anticancer Fund Annual Report 2022
Anticancer Fund Annual Report 2021
Anticancer Fund Annual Report 2020
2019 Annual Impact Sheet
2018 Annual Impact Sheet
2017 Annual Impact Sheet
2016 Annual Impact Sheet
2015 Annual Impact Sheet
2014 Annual Impact Sheet

Transparency: we are trustworthy

As a donor, we understand that your commitment to a cause is rooted in the belief that your contributions will truly make the world a better place. It also hinges on the assurance that the organisation manages its funding with utmost responsibility. At the Anticancer Fund, we uphold the principles of accountability, transparency, and trust.

To demonstrate our commitment to openness, we share our financial figures on Donorinfo, a reputable Belgian platform that provides valuable insights into the financial health and transparency of nonprofit organisations.

Making an impact

In their own words: why other organisations trust the Anticancer Fund.