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Navigating cancer: discover a world of information, also on Roon

Navigating cancer: discover a world of information, also on Roon

When facing a serious illness, like cancer, information can be a lifeline. From conversations with your medical team, to advice from loved ones, you will have a lot of information coming your way. You might even receive a stack of reading materials, which you may or may not be in the mood for. However, what if you have questions in the middle of the night, or when you’re worrying? Enter Roon –a platform that bridges this gap and brings reliable information to your fingertips.

Roon (*) is a website and app that offers a wealth of information through short videos featuring medical experts, non-profit leaders, patients, and caregivers. Founded by medical professionals and people with experience as caregivers, Roon's mission is to provide answers to a multitude of questions on complex medical conditions. These questions are categorised into themes such as symptoms, treatment, caregiver resources, clinical trials, and more. With multiple experts offering different perspectives, you have the freedom to choose which videos to watch at your convenience, and when it’s useful to you.

I am proud to announce that the Anticancer Fund has contributed to Roon. As coordinating physician of My Cancer Navigator, the information service of the Anticancer Fund, I shared insights on topics ranging from clinical trials to shared decision-making. I have answered several questions, helping patients to making well informed decisions about their treatments, together with their medical team.

You might wonder why I believe being visible on Roon is important. At the Anticancer Fund, we have a big heart for patients and we help them by offering understandable information about their cancer and treatment. This can be directly, through our personalised service My Cancer Navigator, or through partnerships with other information platforms. Roon, with its focus on glioblastoma, aligns with our mission.

You can find my videos here.

Take a look and let us know what you think – we’re always interested to hear your feedback!


(*) Roon is focusing on glioblastoma, a fast-growing and aggressive brain tumour. The platform has recently added the topic of ALS, a rare neurologic disease, and dementia will be next.

Gabry Kuijten

Gabry Kuijten, MD, is the Coordinating Physician of My Cancer Navigator, the personal service for patients and doctors from the Anticancer Fund. Her passion is to support patients in their search for accurate, relevant and understandable information about their illness and treatment options, so they can make well informed decisions. Previously, she worked as an internal medicine specialist in the US, and in the pharmaceutical industry. She's also a copywriter for medical & health related topics and translates medical texts.