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Together, we can do so much more

Together, we can do so much more

Welcome to our mission! At the Anticancer Fund, we're driven by a commitment to push the boundaries of cancer research and patient care, and we need your support to make a tangible impact. Every donation, no matter its size, brings us closer to improving the lives of those affected by cancer.
A heartfelt thank you for your donation to the Anticancer Fund

Why support us?

Cancer doesn’t wait, and neither should we. By getting involved, you become part of a dedicated community determined to assure that the best treatments become available to patients. Because one day, you or one of your loved ones might be in need.
Here’s why you should join us:

  1. Drive research forward: Your support propels cancer research that often goes underestimated but holds clear benefits for the patients.
  2. Empower patients: Your donation directly impacts the lives of cancer patients. Your contribution brings insights and comfort to those in need.
  3. Make a real difference: We think outside the box to offer cancer patients more and better treatments. Your generosity helps save lives.

How to help?

Donate. Consider making a one-time donation or becoming a regular sponsor. Every gift counts, and your contribution will sustain our mission to progress in cancer research and patient care. Maximize your donation with a tax deduction.

The Anticancer Fund is a Belgian Public Utility Foundation and recognised as a good cause. As such, it can issue tax certificates. Donations are tax deductible as from 40 euros over a full calendar year.

More ways to get involved

Fundraise for the Anticancer Fund
Become one of our 'Entrepreneurs with a heart'
Leave a gift in your will to the Anticancer Fund

Your impact is meaningful

Interested in understanding how your involvement can translate into real results? Here are some concrete ways your donation can create an impact:

  • 100 euros helps cover the costs of an information session for a cancer patient.
  • 250 euros supports a research project for one day.
  • 500 euros contributes 1/1000 to a clinical trial in pancreatic cancer.
  • 1.000 euros sponsors the service of My Cancer Navigator to a patient.

    Thank you!

Spread the word

Change the lives of those affected by cancer for the better and tell the world about us. Share our mission on social media, within your workplace, or among your social circles. By being an ambassador of the Anticancer Fund, you help ignite positive change.
Or dedicate your time, knowledge and skills: are you interested in volunteering or offering your expertise pro bono? This would mean a lot to us.