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The Anticancer Fund announces the appointment of Alice Dossche as member of the board

The Anticancer Fund announces the appointment of Alice Dossche as member of the board

Brussels- The Anticancer Fund is pleased to introduce a new member on the board of directors. Alice Dossche will support the foundation in its mission to offer people with cancer the most optimal treatment, by funding research that thinks outside the box and by giving them reliable information on cancer treatments.

Alice Dossche has joined the board of directors of the Anticancer Fund, being Luc Verelst, the chairman and founder of the Anticancer Fund, Lydie Meheus, managing director of the Anticancer Fund, Jo Van Biesbroeck, founder of the Nadine de Beaufort fund, Rudy Dekeyser, managing partner of EQT, co-founder of VIB (Flanders Institute for Biotechnology) and Luc Tayart de Borms, until recently managing director of the King Baudouin Foundation.

The Anticancer Fund is an entrepreneurial and scientifically-driven organisation. It continues to challenge the drivers in cancer research on a global scale and advocates for accessible and innovative solutions that are purely patient-focused. That to me is the definition of impact and leadership in defeating cancer. - Alice Dossche.

I’m very happy to welcome Alice Dossche on the board of directors, as she has international experience in programs supporting good causes. Her competences and views will complement the insights of the other board members and her energy will contribute to making our organisation future-proof. – Lydie Meheus.

Bio of Alice Dossche

International Business Development Manager LessonUp, The Hague (the Netherlands) (1994)

  • Bachelor of Arts, History and Economics, New York University
  • Member of the Well of Charity: water (US)
  • Former experience
    • HR/Talent Recruitment, Huali Floors, Chatsworth, Georgia (US)
    • Membership Engagement and Business Development Manager, World Affairs Council of Atlanta (US)
On the picture, from right to left: Luc Verelst, Alice Dossche, Luc Tayart de Borms, Lydie Meheus, Jo Van Biesbroeck and Rudy Dekeyser.