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Sponsorship and leadership giving

You are an entrepreneur, willing to manifest the values of your company through sponsorship. You decide to support our good cause, because you wish to bring leading changes in the battle against cancer. By doing so, you enhance the reputation and social capital of your company: this is leadership giving. 

Entrepreneurs with a Heart

Do you want to become one of our Entrepreneurs with a Heart? The Anticancer Fund developed different possibilities of donating. Let us guide you through the options. It goes without saying that we are open for any other suggestion.

- A committed partnership

You decide to sustainably sponsor the Anticancer Fund and to transfer a considerable amount every year. You become part of a select group of donors, who support our dream of curing cancer. You donate at least 10.000 euro/year, during 3 years.

- A defined relationship

We agree on a specific sponsorship, whereby you make a substantial donation to the Anticancer Fund because you believe that philanthropic marketing is important for your company. Some companies offer us a part of their earnings, for instance, but feel free to let us know how you would like to be connected to us.

- A select event

You and your company organise a yearly event, a charity or any other fundraising activity to raise money, awareness and other sponsors for our cause. The benefit of a fundraising event is that the setting is dynamic, live and can involve your clients, suppliers, your personnel and your friends and family as well. A fundraising event creates a community feeling and helps your company to build relationships.

- A non-binding donation

You make a one-off donation, recurrent or not. Any donation makes a difference and is vital to us!

- A gift for the future

You consider to donate a part of your estate to the Anticancer Fund or to share your legacy because you believe that more funding is needed to stop cancer. This is an inspiring milestone in your life, so please contact us so we can make your wish come true.

It's up to you!

Your sponsorship will help us to tackle cancer and to fulfil our mission:

  • You can fund an experimental study for a better cancer treatment. We are involved in clinical trials investigating different cancer types in multiple European countries. Feel free to read more about our research here.
  • You can support My Cancer Navigator, our personal service for cancer patients. People who got diagnosed with cancer often feel lost and we offer them evidence-based information about their treatment options. Find out more about My Cancer Navigator here.
  • Or you have a dream that you would like to come true. Tell us all about it, we have years of expertise in tailored philanthropy. We will discover together if your purpose is in line with our mission and activities.
The entrepreneurs with a heart of the Anticancer Fund

What do you get in return?

It goes without saying that the Anticancer Fund will do anything to provide you the outcomes you are looking to achieve. Your investment brings an engagement from our side.  We offer you:

  • Social responsible visibility for your company
  • The opportunity to raise your brand awareness
  • New audiences will be interested in your company and products
  • Motivation of your employees
  • Positive coverage in the media
  • Tax benefits

Donate online

In a few clicks you will support us, our cancer research or our personal service for cancer patients My Cancer Navigator.

Thank you!

Donate with a bank transfer

With a reference or a personal message on your bank transfer. Non-Belgian donations are most welcome too. US-based donors can support us in a tax-efficient way.

Thank you!