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Involvement in clinical trials

Clinical research is our core activity. We are an independent, non-profit intermediary working with universities, hospitals and other stakeholders to set up investigator-driven clinical trials. Our trials focus on therapy avenues with limited commercial value for the pharma industry but potential societal value. As an impact-driven organisation, we select trials that can bring new treatment options to patients as rapidly as possible.

Clinical research is our core activity. The Anticancer Fund is an independent, non-profit intermediary working with universities, hospitals and other stakeholders to set up investigator-driven clinical trials.

Tailored support

The Anticancer Fund does not have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy with regards to the support of investigator-driven clinical trials. Our collaborations extend beyond the simple transfer of funds. The four components of our engagement are not mutually exclusive and can be combined in varying ways to suit the needs of each clinical trial. As a non-profit organisation, we're involved in clinical trials that are in line with our own thinking and strategic objectives, and we do not charge anything to our collaborators.

Components of our involvement

Financial Support

The Anticancer Fund supports clinical trials financially by granting funds to institutions or researchers conducting clinical trials. To receive funding, a researcher or trial sponsor must submit an application form and go through a selection process. The Anticancer Fund increasingly supports larger trials in which the funding component is only one of the key elements of our engagement.

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Scientific and strategic input

The Anticancer Fund works with several stakeholders to provide ideas (e.g. scientific rationale), advice (e.g. drug identification for a specific disease setting) and feedback (e.g. on trial design). Besides providing intellectual input and in-kind contribution of manpower, the Anticancer Fund drives the development of communication tools and strategies to ensure the impact of a clinical trial is maximised.

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Multicentre and multinational collaborations drive clinical research. The Anticancer Fund has an extensive network of oncology contacts and vast experience in connecting clinicians and researchers with mutual interests. We can provide the time and resources to identify potential collaborators, establish lines of communication and coordinate successful consortia.

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Protocol development and documentation

This support is related to the administrative tasks that are part of every clinical trial – detailed rationale and protocol documentation, IRB applications, regulatory approval processes, etc. The Anticancer Fund can assist with these tasks, enabling projects to proceed on time according to the highest standards.

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Portfolio of clinical trials

The research of the Anticancer Fund expands treatment options for cancer patients. We support trials targeting all types of cancer and specialise in drug repurposing, recurrence prevention, combination therapy and less common and rare cancers. Our trial portfolio presents an overview of all past and present trials, and mainly includes phase 2 trials that explore therapeutic efficacy and phase 3 trials that confirm therapeutic efficacy. 

Our partners

Our in-house team of scientists and robust international network of cancer specialists enable us to screen, select and zoom in on valuable research. We collaborate with clinicians, researchers, universities, hospitals, patient organisations, other non-profit foundations, etc. to decently conduct the clinical trials we support.

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