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Happy Moments

There are a lot of happy milestones in our lives: a birthday, a wedding, retirement, an anniversary or the arrival of a child. A caring way to honour these moments is to make a donation.

You have an opportunity to celebrate, you want to recognize an outstanding achievement or show your appreciation? A gift is a loving way to express your sympathy. By donating for a special occasion, you make a difference in the lives of cancer patients.

A caring way to honour happy moments in our lives is to make a donation to the Anticancer Fund.

How to give

You can dedicate your donation and choose a specific project you would like to support: a clinical trial or our personal service for patients, My Cancer Navigator. One hundred percent of your donation will benefit the program or initiative of your choice and is tax-deductible.

To find out more about our research projects, please have a look here. More details on My Cancer Navigator and how we help cancer patients are available here.

When you make a gift to honour someone or to celebrate a special occasion, we will notify the family or person you specify.

Donate online

In a few clicks you will support us, our cancer research or our personal service for cancer patients My Cancer Navigator.

Thank you!

Donate with a bank transfer

With a reference or a personal message on your bank transfer. Non-Belgian donations are most welcome too. US-based donors can support us in a tax-efficient way.

Thank you!