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Developing outcome-based treatments, founded on science

Tangible impacts and verifiable results are our goals.
We invest only in the most promising research avenues to make measurable progress in the fight against cancer.

Developing outcome-based treatments, founded on science

The importance of evidence-based research

We perform literature reviews, attend congresses, connect with research institutions and partner with other cancer organisations worldwide to build our expertise and a global network of cancer experts. Publications and clinical trials with findings that point towards new therapies are identified by our specialised team and considered for their potential in future studies. We adhere to the most stringent medical and scientific standards, and our scrutiny is led by evidence-based research.

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“Cancer patients need treatments to make them live longer, or feel better. New treatment options should have high-quality evidence, be easy to implement, and affordable for patients."

Dr. Bishal Gyawali, Assistant Professor, scientist and oncologist at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

Selecting the most cost-efficient route to results

Simplicity and common sense drive our efforts. A pragmatic approach to research accelerates the clinical adoption process and brings treatment options to as many patients as possible, even in developing countries. Additional medical training and high product-related costs should be minimised as much as possible to enable rapid, accessible and widespread implementation of new treatment options.

Our current focus areas

  • Drug repurposing

    Drug repurposing, also known as drug repositioning, is a drug development strategy predicated on the reuse of existing...
  • Less common and rare cancers

    We don’t just focus on the ‘big four’ of cancer – prostate, colon, breast and lung. We also investigate new treatment...
  • Combination therapies

    It is important to investigate the impacts of drugs beyond what they can achieve alone. Using them in combination...
  • Preventing tumour recurrence

    For cancer survivors, the fight isn’t always over. Many are concerned about the possibility of recurrence, and living...