Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022

Our groundshot: better and longer lives for people with cancer

Our annual report 2022 highlights how we strived for better and longer lives for people with cancer. We supported transnational clinical trials, to improve our impact in cancer research. My Cancer Navigator, our free information service, helped 325 cancer patients, 23% more than in 2021. And last but not least, our policy work paid off.

Our focus

2022 was the year of our groundshot. We are convinced a moonshot, with high tech innovation, is not enough to tackle cancer. Bringing new and valuable cancer treatments, that cannot be monetised, to cancer patients is also indispensable if we want to impact cancer survival statistics.

Our USP’s

  • We put patients first

Financial return is not in our strategy. The benefit must be for the patients, and this in the three pillars of our organisation: in how we facilitate and finance research, in how we help cancer patients, and in how we prioritise our policy work.

  • We think outside the box

We embrace new approaches and frugal innovations. We believe in the power of science and look for opportunities to develop effective and novel cancer therapies. But our commitment goes beyond. We want patients, and health care professionals, to have access to all validated treatment options, and to this end we aim to remove barriers, when needed.

  • We are global

We collaborate worldwide to achieve impactful milestones. Long-term alliances with other research organisations allow us to tackle big cancer problems more significantly, like paediatric cancers and complex cancers.

  • We are scientists

We are researchers and physicians with knowledge and expertise in cancer. To bring the most accurate information to patients and identify new research opportunities, we constantly scan relevant scientific literature and attend medical conferences. Even more, we also contribute to scientific publications where appropriate, and release our own literature, covering trial results and research findings.

Our year in numbers

In 2022 we had an income of 1,3 million euro and our expenses reached 2,3 million euro.


We are very grateful to our donors! A heartfelt thank you for your trust and generosity.

Your support and engagement allow us to face the future and to accomplish our mission: that people with cancer get better, and that they live longer!