We believe that every loss due to cancer is one too many

About us

We believe that every loss due to cancer is one too many.

The organisation

The Anticancer Fund is a Belgian non-profit organisation with an international scope. In 2018, the Anticancer Fund became a Foundation of Public Utility under Belgian law, an official recognition that the fund’s effort is used to achieve a well-defined altruistic goal: investing in promising cancer treatments, putting patients’ needs first.

We depend fully on donations and private funding to finance our work. With no commercial shareholders or interference from special interest groups or pharma companies, our focus remains exclusively on patients.

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Mission and Vision

We are dedicated to expanding the range of treatment options available to cancer patients, regardless of commercial value. Our ultimate goal is to extend lives, increase quality of life and provide cures for cancer patients.

Science is our only tool. The fund’s backbone is a strong belief in science and the power of independent research in responding to unmet patients’ needs.

Our mission is to complement the commercial drivers of cancer care with exclusive patient-first thinking and a focus on evidence-based potential for new treatments.

Our work is comprised of three pillars:

  1. Clinical trials
    We promote, finance and/or coordinate clinical trials, investigating scientifically promising treatments that have the potential for significant positive impacts but lack a market push for further research. If the effectiveness of a treatment is scientifically proven, we will develop a strategy to bring it to patients as rapidly as possible.
  2. Information & knowledge-sharing
    We offer non-judgmental and evidence-based information about cancer treatments to patients who want to make informed decisions.
  3. Policy-making
    We engage with stakeholders on both national and European levels to influence decision makers and eliminate barriers to rapid, affordable access to more cancer treatments.

Story of Luc Verelst

The Anticancer Fund is an initiative launched by entrepreneur Luc Verelst after being confronted with his sister’s cancer diagnosis. He came face-to-face with the endless search for high-quality information and scientifically validated treatment options while being mesmerised and limited by the priorities of the ‘cancer industry’. Luc devoted a significant portion of his personal fortune to establishing this 100% non-profit organisation that wields science in the battle against cancer. His only goal? To help patients.

Luc Verelst, founder of the Anticancer Fund, Luc devoted a significant portion of his personal fortune to establishing this 100% non-profit organisation that wields science in the battle against cancer. His only goal? To help patients.

Our team

The Anticancer Fund employs a group of scientific professionals with research and pharmaceutical backgrounds who are completely committed to evidence-based medicine. We are passionate about improving patients' lives and optimising the use of our philanthropic resources.

Our governance structure

The Anticancer Fund is led by a six-headed board of directors and relies on a group of experts for scientific advice, study review and strategic input.

Our trial portfolio

We support and participate in diverse clinical trials around the world. These explore new and under-prioritised treatment options, repurposed drugs and non-conventional therapies in the context of a wide range of cancers.

News and publications

In addition to providing patient information, we publish news articles and opinions related to our research and our fund. Our scientific articles are available here.

Our partners

We collaborate with diverse clinics, hospitals, research foundations, cancer institutes, policymakers and stakeholders worldwide to ultimately further our end goal: maximising patient benefit.

Job openings

The Anticancer Fund is always on the look for bright minds that are science enthusiasts, care for cancer research and share our Fund’s philosophy. Do let us know if you are interested or have any questions on our organisation and our activities. We love hearing from you! 


The Anticancer Fund – Foundation of Public Utility
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