Expanding evidence-based cancer treatment options

Cancer treatment optionsExpanding evidence-based cancer treatment options

The Anticancer Fund is a private foundation providing research-based information on cancer therapies and selectively funding the development of promising therapies.



The Anticancer Fund investigates the information on cancer therapies for evidence, so that evidence-based treatment choices can be made. We help patients to structure and absorb the complex nature of the information on registered, complementary or alternative therapies.

The Anticancer Fund is continuously looking for cancer therapies that have never been thoroughly examined and might finance the treatments that can be deemed promising based on measurable results.

The Anticancer Fund website provides the same research-based information in an adapted language for patients and their relatives, and for professionals so that it can be used to discuss treatment options. The Anticancer Fund team is independent and open-minded, is supported by a high level advisory board, is collaborating with international organizations (ESMO, CAM-CANCER) and consults reliable sources (NCI, MSKcc, a.o.). The Anticancer Fund does not provide medical advice and our website does not replace a medical consultation.

What can you find on the website ?

  • Information on various cancer therapies and types
  • Guides for patients per cancer type
  • Guides with general information
  • Overview of Anticancer Fund-supported projects
  • Questions answered by our team
  • Links to clinical trials



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In the spotlight

A project sponsored by the Alexine Clarysse Fund, Reliable Cancer Therapies and the Anticancer Fund in cooperation with the Catholic University of Leuven and the University Hospitals of Brussels.


Starting off as a non-profit organization Reliable Cancer Therapies with place of business in Switzerland, we have now evolved into a new, Belgian-based, private foundation: the Anticancer Fund.