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Launch of a new Request for Application

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1 April 2019

BRUSSELS - In 2019, the Anticancer Fund is launching a request for application (RFA) to support clinical trials aiming at reducing recurrence rate for cancer patients treated with curative intent. The focus is on cancer types with high rates of recurrence despite curative-intent treatments.

"With patients central to everything we do, the trial should serve patients’ interest and be patient-centered."

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About the trial:

  • Patients in the trial need to be (or have been) treated with a curative intent, i.e. with the goal of achieving a complete remission and preventing the recurrence of cancer.
  • The interventions can consist of approved drugs (drug repurposing), non-commercial cell-based therapies, radiotherapy, surgery or any combination of those. Trials of therapeutic optimisation are accepted.
  • Randomised trials are preferred but other designs can be considered if strongly justified.
  • Aside from new trials, a new arm in an existing multi-arm trial, participation of an additional country in an existing international trial or extra-funding for an under-funded existing trial can be considered.
  • Applications will be automatically rejected if other trial(s) of the same intervention in the same (or very similar) cancer and setting are ongoing (or registered) elsewhere.

Who should apply:

  • We encourage applications from all clinicians involved in the curative treatment of cancer patients (e.g. surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, organ specialists … ), but the leading clinical trial team should have a track record of high-quality trials – preferentially investigator-driven trials – in the field relevant to the application.
  • The budget must be realistic and limited to the core activity of the clinical trial. Investigator fees and overhead costs are not accepted. Budget for translational work should be limited. Co-funding is welcome.

This is a 2-step RFA:

Step 1 is submission of a Letter of Intent (LOI), click here for the Letter of Intent form [link: letter of intent form]. We ask all applicants to fill a LOI form which includes 2 main sections:

  1. The eligibility section where applicants demonstrate that their proposal meets all criteria.
  2. The trial information section where applicants provide details on their proposal and a budget estimate.

Deadline for submission of the LOI is Sunday 16 June 2019, 23:59 Central European Time

Step 2 is a full application, containing a draft protocol and a detailed budget breakdown. Only applicants who are selected after step 1 will be asked to submit a full application.

For more details, read further instructions here.

Click here to download the Letter of Intent form.

For any questions related to the RFA, contact apply [at]