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Thinking outside the box – Annual Report 2021

Thinking outside the box – Annual Report 2021

Brussels – Our annual report 2021 is out! We have been thinking outside the box last year, to look for more cancer treatments. We funded promising cancer research, around the world. We also informed 7% more cancer patients, who had questions about their treatments.

2021 was a year fully dedicated to our mission of bringing more and better treatments to people with cancer. We focused on filling in the blank spots in cancer research and cancer care, aiming at more therapy options for people confronted with cancer.

We decided to fund new clinical trials, for instance in pancreatic cancer, one of the world’s toughest cancers and a disease with a clear unmet need in therapy options. In our annual report, we also highlight encouraging results of some of the trials we support.

Through our personal service My Cancer Navigator, we empowered cancer patients and gave them control in making their treatment decisions. 264 cancer patients reached out to us in 2021, and asked for information about their cancer and their treatment.

Thank you!

As an organisation that relies on private donations, we would like to thank our donors, sponsors and partners for their trust, commitment and generosity. Our income reached 2.3 million euro in 2021, or less than the 2.6 million euro we received in 2020.

2021 was a year like no other for the Anticancer Fund. It was a hard time for keeping the clinical trials up and running and for connecting with clinicians on the one hand and with philanthropic donors on the other hand, since dealing with the COVID situation was absorbing a lot of time for most of them, reflects Lydie Meheus, managing director of the Anticancer Fund.

Comforting to know is that last year, we received an amount of 625,000 euro from men and women who included the Anticancer Fund in their will.

Legacies and donations make our accomplishments possible and change the lives of people with cancer. Thank you for making a difference.

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