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Science resources

Cancer research is our main activity.
We believe in the power of science to find solutions for cancer patients.
We also believe that science should be accessible to all – making information available to researchers and patients alike is part of how we work at the Anticancer Fund.

Our publications database

We have been producing scientific publications since we were founded. Published in a range of journals, including The Lancet, Nature and other high-impact journals, our work covers many aspects of cancer research and health policy – with a focus on drug repurposing in particular. 

Licensed cancer drugs database

We have published an extensive overview of licensed cancer drugs and established a database that lists them all. We believe this information is key for researchers, clinicians and regulators.
The listing is regularly updated. 

Repurposing Drug database

The Anticancer Fund is an acknowledged leader in the drug repurposing – the strategy of reusing existing non-cancer drugs to treat cancer. 

One aspect of our work is the creation of a database, called ReDO_DB, of non-cancer drugs with published evidence of anticancer effects. Today, the curated list contains more than 300 drugs which can be further investigated in clinical research.

Repurposing Trial database

Clinical trials are essential for providing evidence to show whether new cancer treatments are effective or not - including for drug repurposing. The ReDO_Trials_DB is the only database that specifically lists drug repurposing clinical trials in oncology. This fully curated database contains over 800 active trials, across all cancer types and using the ReDO database of repurposing candidates.

Newsletter on drug repurposing

In addition, we compile the scientific findings on repurposing drugs in oncology in a monthly newsletter. Our intention is to help to bring these existing drugs to the attention of the broader cancer research community, so that more clinical trials for drug repurposing will be initiated.

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