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The ACF for patients

Every cancer is one too many.
With patients central to everything we do, we fund promising non-commercial research, seek more and better treatment options, and engage in comprehensive knowledge sharing.

Independent, open-minded, patient-oriented organisation

As an independent not-for-profit cancer research foundation, the Anticancer Fund believes that there are many potential cancer treatment options yet to explore.

To this end, the Anticancer Fund:

  • supports and finances clinical trials that directly impact patients.
  • freely informs patients about treatment options and available clinical trials relevant to their specific cancer type.
  • interacts with key policy makers and contributes to the development of policy frameworks and legislations, in order to increase benefits for cancer patients.



Independent, open-minded, patient-oriented research

We can help you

Have you been diagnosed with cancer or is someone close to you fighting against cancer? Do you feel lost and do you need clear information? The Anticancer Fund personally answers all therapy-related questions from patients and their families. We have a broad expertise on cancer research and can provide you with information on treatment options. We can also help you to find out if any experimental study would be relevant to you. Get in touch with My Cancer Navigator, our personal service for patients.

Curing patients: our sole objective

The Anticancer Fund aims to fill the gaps in the cancer treatment landscape and offer more options to patients by supporting high-value research. These treatments, developed independently of commercial concerns, are based on excellent science and strong collaborations. We seek to cure patients, and the sooner, the better.

We empower patients

The Anticancer Fund puts patients first. That's why we care so much about patient empowerment. We give you access to reliable, relevant and understandable information about cancer therapies, so that you are 'empowered' to make the right decision about your treatment, in concertation with your physician. This shared decision making is essential for patients, because it reflects their personal preferences.

Our clinical trials

We also aid patients by being involved in clinical trials as the doorway to new therapeutic options. Patient benefit is a key selection criteria when it comes to the trials that we choose to support. We collaborate with clinicians, researchers, institutions, hospitals and other stakeholders to setup and support clinical trials.

ACF’s role in clinical trials

How can you help us?

The Anticancer Fund owes its existence to private funding. Your donations will help us to maintain our independence. With no commercial stakeholders, we are completely committed to patients and can make a significant impact on the war against cancer, as 100% of your gift goes directly to our projects.