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Verelst Uterine Fund

End 2008 Luc Verelst set up the Verelst Uterine fund within the University of Leuven. Besides Luc Verelst Lieve Stappers, Dr Diether Lambrechts, Prof Ignace Vergote and Prof Fréderic Amant were among the founders.

The goal of the fund is to support and encourage research into the cause, early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of uterine cancer. Prof. Amant is responsible for the funds and in the period 2009-2017 close to 3 milj € was spent at the University of Leuven. One deliverable of the fund was the setting up of a PDX-mouse model for endometrial cancer. Curent activities are focused on the translational research linked to the ACF PRIMMO trial. Lydie Meheus, managing director of ACF is member of the managing committee of VUF.