Our governance structure | Antikankerfonds (NL)

Our governance structure


The Anticancer Fund is led by a Board of Directors with experienced, higher level professionals.
The board meets quarterly to define the strategy, review the financial resources, evaluate the impact and guide the Anticancer Fund in its mission.
It has ultimate responsibility for the fund’s management.

Anticancer Fund Board of Directors

Our board members (from right to left):

  • Luc Verelst
  • Alice Dossche
    • International Business Development Manager LessonUp, The Hague (the Netherlands), Member of the Well of Charity: water (US)
    • Bachelor of Arts, History and Economics, New York University
  • Luc Tayart de Borms
    • Managing Director of the King Baudouin Foundation, until 30 April 2022
    • Master’s degree in Moral Sciences, University of Ghent
  • Lydie Meheus
    • Managing Director of the Anticancer Fund
    • PhD in Sciences (University of Ghent)
  • Jo Van Biesbroeck
    • Founder of Nadine de Beaufort fund, member of the board of KickCancer and current chairman of Matexi and Etex, among other.
    • Master’s degree in Economics at the KU Leuven
  • Rudy Dekeyser
    • Partner EQT and head of the EQT Health Economics Funds, former Co-founder and Managing Director of the Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB)
    • PhD in Molecular Biology, University of Ghent


The Anticancer Fund relies on a group of experts for scientific and strategic advice. Their assistance is sought on a broad and regular basis, depending on their area of expertise. The members of the Board of Advisors deliver their consultancy services pro bono.

Our current Board of Advisors consists of, in alphabetical order:

  • Bert Aertgeerts, MD, PhD, primary care specialist
  • Erik Briers, MSc, PhD, patient advocate
  • Sam Daems, economist, patient advocate
  • Evandro de Azambuja, MD, PhD, oncologist
  • Robert A. Gatenby, MD, radiologist
  • Delphine Heenen, LLM, patient advocate
  • Yolande Lievens, MD, PhD, radiation oncologist
  • André Mihaljevic, MD, surgical oncologist
  • Anja Schiel, methodologist in regulatory & pharmacoeconomic statistics
  • Silvia Stacchiotti, MD, PhD, sarcoma oncologist
  • Matt Sydes, MSc, trialist
  • Eric Van Cutsem, MD, PhD, digestive oncologist
  • Joris Verlooy, MD, paediatric hemato-oncologist

In addition to our Board of Advisors, we can also rely on a panel of international experts who, each in their domain of expertise, are helping with a specific study selection, protocol design and other clinical trial related topic.

When seeking advice of an expert, we carefully ensure that there is no direct conflict of interest between their own research and the projects of the Anticancer Fund.