Fytochemisch, Analytisch en Preklinisch Onderzoek van Plantenextracten als Potentieel Antitumorale Therapie

Phytochemical, Analytical and Preclinical Investigations on Plant Extracts as Potential Antitumoural Therapy

18 March 2015

Many of the current cancer drugs are from natural origin or derived from natural products.

A plant extract is a complex mixture of different, often closely related compounds that can act on different targets. Because of the generally low concentration of these constituents, there is a low toxicity, whereas with regard to the activity often synergism is observed. In addition, the presence of prodrugs can add to the activity.

Therefore medicinal plant extracts have a huge potential. That is the reason why Rica Capistrano I., a PhD student from the University of Antwerp did a doctoral study on this topic. In her doctoral thesis medicinal plants with previously reported cytotoxic activity and/or traditional use were investigated for their potential use against cancer in preclinical studies.