Make a lasting legacy

Make a lasting legacy

As we receive no funding from the government and depend exclusively on private donations, your support is vital to us. Legacies fund our investments in promising clinical trials that will lead to better treatments and cures.

A will records what happens to your estate. Besides family and friends, you can also include the Anticancer Fund as a good cause in your will and make a gift. If you want to dedicate a part of your legacy to the Anticancer Fund, we can help you to take the necessary steps.

Legacy gifts in wills drive the future of cancer research.

Get in touch

Do you need some more information and are you looking for some advice? Or do you want to talk to one of us before making a decision? Carlo Bevilacqua, our dedicated colleague responsible for legacies and important donations at the Anticancer Fund, would be pleased to help you out and to have a chat with you. He will treat your questions confidentially and with discretion. And this, without any obligation. Please get in touch.

You can reach Carlo by mail

or phone him +32 (0)2 268 48 16.

If you want to make a legacy gift to the Anticancer Fund in your will, contact Carlo Bevilacqua

How to make a legacy gift?

A legacy gift is a specific item left in a will. There are different ways of leaving money or valuables in your will. We recommend you to use a professional to make a list of who you want to benefit from your will. Your notary can implement your expectations and give you the right information.

The Anticancer Fund is a member of, a Belgian organisation dedicated to supporting good causes. You can order a free guide of with information on how to leave a legacy in Belgium (in Dutch or in French). The guide will give you confidence in how to start thinking about your heritage.