Investing in promising cancer treatments, putting patient needs first
The Anticancer Fund cares about children with cancer

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The Anticancer Fund supports scientific research and outstanding care for cancer patients.
We are a Belgian non-profit organisation with an international scope. We depend fully on donations to finance our work. Help us to go the extra mile in our fight against cancer.


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  • invest in research icon

    We invest in research

    We put science to work for patients and we strive for short-term, meaningful impacts where they are most needed.
  • Involve in clinical trials icon

    We set up clinical trials

    We are an independent, non-profit intermediary and focus on clinical research with limited economic value.
  • Connect stakeholders icon

    We connect people

    As we are just a small part of the enormous cancer research ecosystem, we don't act alone.
  • Advise professionals icon

    We advise professionals

    According to our mission and vision, we provide free advice in designing trials and reviewing scientific research.
  • Inform patients icon

    We help cancer patients

    We personally answer therapy-related questions from patients and provide non-judgmental information.

Our current focus areas

  • Drug repurposing

    Drug repurposing, also known as drug repositioning, is a drug development strategy predicated on the reuse of existing...
  • Less common and rare cancers

    We don’t just focus on the ‘big four’ of cancer – prostate, colon, breast and lung. We also investigate new treatment...
  • Combination therapies

    It is important to investigate the impacts of drugs beyond what they can achieve alone. Using them in combination...
  • Preventing tumour recurrence

    For cancer survivors, the fight isn’t always over. Many are concerned about the possibility of recurrence, and living...