Entrepreneurs with a heart support My Cancer Navigator

‘Entrepreneurs with a heart’ support My Cancer Navigator

27 November 2020
Entrepreneurs with a heart support My Cancer Navigator of the Anticancer Fund


Brussels - Entrepreneurs, both small and large, are committing to the Anticancer Fund. They develop websites, supply printers or are in advertising. And they support us and our personal service for people with cancer, My Cancer Navigator. They are our ‘Entrepreneurs with a heart’, who know that giving really helps.

In the recent months, several entrepreneurs and companies have put their weight behind My Cancer Navigator, a service of the Anticancer Fund for cancer patients. Because people with cancer need support, now more than ever. Due to the pandemic, consultations and treatments are often postponed, leaving cancer patients out in the cold. 'Entrepreneurs with a heart' reach out to people with cancer and donate a part of their turnover to My Cancer Navigator.

Christof Roggen, owner and manager of DPS (left):

“I support the Anticancer Fund and My Cancer Navigator because I believe that as an entrepreneur you should make a social commitment. The moment the bomb drops and you are told that you have cancer, is terrible and most people don't know what to do. My Cancer Navigator guides them and is a beacon of light in dark times.”

Jan Meeus of UCan Direct (center):

“Actually, philanthropy should be superfluous and this should be arranged by the government, but we don't live in the ideal world and so I think it's good that entrepreneurs do their bit and make things happen that otherwise wouldn't be possible.”

Lawrence Willems of Interdraft (right)

“I had a tumour myself about two years ago and so I know what it is like to go through cancer. That's why I support My Cancer Navigator: I want to help other people. I advise all entrepreneurs to support My Cancer Navigator because it is important in our society that we continue to help each other.”


What is My Cancer Navigator?

My Cancer Navigator is a service of the Anticancer Fund, where people with cancer and their loved ones can ask for information about their treatment. For free.

How does it work?

Cancer patients or their relatives contact one of the physicians of My Cancer Navigator. We discuss the situation and the concerns by phone.  Our team of scientists and doctors thoroughly review the file and medical history and then answer all the questions. The patient receives a tailored summary in a clear and understandable language. Our physician goes over everything in a personal conversation, to be sure the patient can take informed decisions about his/her treatment.

My Cancer Navigator is also available for physicians who are looking for specific information for their cancer patients.

We are looking for more ‘Entrepreneurs with a heart’

The Anticancer Fund and My Cancer Navigator rely entirely on private donations. We are looking for entrepreneurs, self-employed people and liberal professions who, like Jan, Christof and Lawrence, believe that social engagement pays off. As a public utility foundation, we provide a tax certificate for each donation above 40 euro. Support us, in a few clicks online.

Do you want to become one of our ‘Entrepreneurs with a heart’? The Anticancer Fund developed different possibilities of donations. Discover the options here.