Annual Report 2021 | Anticancerfund

Annual Report 2021

Thinking outside the box for more cancer cures

Our annual report 2021 is out! We have been thinking outside the box last year, to look for more cancer treatments. We funded promising cancer research, around the world. We also informed 7% more cancer patients, who had questions about their treatments.

We deliver - more and better treatement options

As we believe no cancer patient should be left in the cold, we develop, coordinate and finance clinical trials to ensure cancer patients get more treatment options, faster. In 2021, we focused on unmet needs and on treatments left behind by commercial drug developers. Some of our trials concentrated on demonstrating that drug repurposing, or using existing drugs to treat new diseases, can be a potential treatment option for cancer patients.

We join forces - towards a new era in beating cancer

International cooperation in research is key to really making a difference. At the Anticancer Fund collaborations have been essential since the very beginning, because we know collaborative efforts have far more impact. Beyond bringing scientists together to find cancer therapies, we try to align with all stakeholders in the field: policymakers, politicians, patients, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and anyone who commits to fight cancer.

We care - because every patient is unique

Last year, 264 cancer patients, or their relatives, got in touch with My Cancer Navigator, our free, personal information service. This is an increase of 7% in comparison to 2020. 1 out of 5 patients had been in touch with us before. By answering their medical questions, we empower cancer patients and give them more control in making their treatment decisions.

How we tackle cancer

In 2021, our income reached 2.3 million euro, thanks to gifts of individual donors, legacies, entrepreneurs and sponsors.

The expenses of the Anticancer Fund and Reliable Cancer Therapies amounted to 1.65 million euro. We mostly invested in cancer research and clinical trials, as we believe in the power of science to address cancer.

A year like no other

'2021 was a year like no other for the Anticancer Fund. It was a hard time for keeping the clinical trials up and running and for connecting with clinicians on the one hand and with philanthropic donors on the other hand, since dealing with the COVID situation was absorbing a lot of time for most of them.', reflects Lydie Meheus, managing director of the Anticancer Fund.

Thank you!

To all our donors, sponsors and partners, we are very grateful for your trust, commitment and generosity. Your donations made the accomplishments of the Anticancer Fund in 2021 possible and will continue to change the lives of people with cancer in the future.