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Connecting stakeholders

ACF is just a small part of the enormous cancer research ecosystem.

Ecosystem ACF

We seek to do more with less

ACF is just a small part of the enormous cancer research ecosystem. We cannot act alone. As an independent non-profit organisation, it is our responsibility to support collaboration and facilitate synergies in this vast domain, as we can do more if we work together. Money for cancer research should be spent as efficiently as possible, according to the best possible outcome. Knowledge should be shared and expertise made available across all boundaries.

Engagement with other non-profit organisations

Cancer organisations all work toward the same goal: finding a cure for cancer, increasing the number of treatment options available and enhancing quality of life. Funding is required for progress. The better we can coordinate use of funding, the greater the returns to patients.

“As the main cancer organisation in Flanders (Belgium), Kom op tegen Kanker is proud to co-fund trials with the Anticancer Fund, such as the PRIMMO trial. Working together strengthens our impact.”

Marc Michils
Marc Michils, Kom op tegen Kanker

Earmarked research

Some cancer organisations are too small to organise research. In many cases, we put our structure and expertise at their disposal. We discuss how we can invest their resources in research that aligns with their mission, and openly collaborate on study design, progress, etc. Funding is transferred 1-1 and invested in research, and operational costs are supported by the ACF, thanks to its founder, Luc Verelst.