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ACF for Clinicians

We at ACF acknowledge and deeply respect the vital importance of clinicians as primary caregivers. Although we are not a clinical player, we strive to support the work of clinicians by collaborating on trials and enhancing the impact of your work.

We value your effort and expertise

Our overarching goal is to provide patients access to more treatment options and benefits. Every professional active in the clinical world (doctors, oncologists, general practitioners, nurses, medical staff, etc.) is involved in the daily care of cancer patients. Their role is essential, and we find it important to note how much we value this crucial work.

All of us want what is best for the patient. Our activities of disseminating knowledge, identifying and harnessing untapped potential and benefitting patients by treating cancer makes the Anticancer Fund a player in the field of cancer research and cancer care. We seek strong connections with clinicians and view support from the clinical field as an important element of our approach.

We’re here to help

A cancer diagnosis is an emotional journey for every patient. Every patient wants hope and often questions elements of their care protocol. A patient may want to understand every detail about a treatment, including new findings and information about currently running trials. The internet is a great source of information, but as a clinician, it may also mean being confronted by an extensive demand for ever more information. Even more, if they find clinical answers insufficient, patients often perform their own research. Pseudoscience, hearsay and the advice of family and friends are often unhelpful in empowering patients to make informed treatment decisions.

ACF for Clinicians

End-of-treatment care

Particular pressure is placed on practitioners when a prognosis is poor and standard care has reached its conclusion. The ACF can be suggested to a patient for a review of their options, including participation in clinical trials. This is always presented as information and never as advice. We see in practice that doing so can help patients find closure in exploring every single option available. Busy clinical practices can benefit from delegating this task to the ACF. The patient is never charged for this service, and all data remain strictly confidential. Our way of working with patients is explained in more detail on our 'ACF for patients' page.

We are your sounding board

Every clinician wants the best for each patient.

At ACF, we think outside the box and are open-minded to all suggestions and input. Part of our core mission is to explore further options for patients within the context of evidence-based research. We can be an additional source of information, and we can assist in organising or facilitating clinical trials at any stage.

We are here to help. We serve as a bridge and a facilitator, offering every practice, clinic, centre and hospital that collaborates with us a greater opportunity to maximise their service delivery, use of limited resources and positive impact on patients.

We offer our expertise

Clinicians are in the unique position to identify new research leads and potential drug repurposing options. The ACF has the resources and the expertise to pursue and evaluate such potential. Building on the outcomes of clinical observations by collaborating to connect the dots is a key pathway to progress in cancer treatment.

We would be honoured to visit your premises to share knowledge, present general information or dive deeper into our areas of expertise, such as drug repurposing.

We offer our expertise

We seek, distil and spread evidence-based research

To bring the most current information to patients and identify new research opportunities, we constantly scan relevant scientific literature and attend medical conferences. Even more, we also contribute to publications where appropriate, and release our own literature, covering trial results and research findings to information about new therapeutic opportunities.

We need your support

Our team is small, and the opportunities are vast. As a result, we rely on your support and input to cover key topics and stay on top of evolutions in the diverse fields of oncology. Our panel of scientific advisors contributes heavily to our mission, and we proactively seek new contact with experts and practitioners around the world to supplement our expertise.

We need your support

We support clinical trials

Supporting and investing in clinical trials to expand treatment options for cancer patients is the Anticancer Fund’s core activity. We screen, select and zoom in on valuable research, aiming for the best use of research funds and the greatest benefits for patients.

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Disclaimer: we only give objective information to patients – never personal advice. We express this fact every time we come in contact with a patient, and refer to a patient’s doctor for follow-up and advice. However, we do realise that there is a thin line between information and advice, and do not exclude interpretation.