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About us

We exist to save lives and limit suffering by focussing on patient benefits instead of profit.

Our vision

We believe that every cancer patient has the right to a chance in their fight against the disease. We want to make this vision a reality through the following motivations.

  • Regardless of cancer type, research should focus on treatment options that increase survival and quality of life.

  • As long as they are supported by scientific evidence, all drug development options should be explored.

  • Better cancer care hinges on international collaboration and knowledge-sharing – not publications or corporate dividends.

  • Research funding should be needs-based, not profit-based.

  • Accessibility, cost and efficiency should be priorities in the development of a patient-centered healthcare framework that supports cancer care progress.

  • Clinicians should be provided with as many tools as possible to offer solutions to patients.

  • Legislation should support quality and equality in clinical care.

Our way of working

We serve patients through science. We tirelessly seek scientific solutions that contribute to the betterment of society.

Our approach is based on knowledge, pragmatism and realising hands-on impact, preferably with short-term results.

We use clinical trials, knowledge sharing, evidence-based medicine and international collaboration as tools for positive change.

Story of Luc Verelst

The Anticancer Fund is an initiative launched in 2009 by entrepreneur Luc Verelst when confronted with his sister’s cancer diagnosis. He came face-to-face with the endless search for high-quality information and scientifically validated treatment options while being mesmerised and limited by the priorities of the ‘cancer industry’. Luc devoted a significant portion of his personal fortune to establishing a 100% non-profit organisation that wields science in the battle against cancer. His only goal? To help patients.

Luc Verelst - founder Anticancer Fund

Our team

The Anticancer Fund employs a highly-skilled group of scientific professionals with research and pharmaceutical backgrounds who are completely committed to evidence-based medicine. We are passionate about improving patients' lives and optimising the use of our philanthropic resources.

Anticancerfund team

Our trial portfolio

We support and participate in diverse clinical trials around the world. These explore new and under-prioritised treatment options, repurposed drugs and non-conventional therapies in the context of a wide range of cancers.

News and publications

In addition to guides, standards and tailored information packets targeting patients, clinicians and other stakeholders, we also publish press releases and other news articles related to our research and foundation.

Our partners

We collaborate with diverse clinics, hospitals, research foundations, cancer institutes, policymakers and stakeholders worldwide to ultimately further our end goal: maximising patient benefit.