Mind-body interventions

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Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) are multi-component mind-body modalities, encompassing psycho-educational elements, mindfulness meditation exercises, cognitive-behavioral interventions and movement exercises.

Tai Chi

Tai chi (short for Tai chi Chuan) is a non-combative martial art that combines breathing techniques with sequences of slow graceful movements.


Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis or self-hypnosis and can also include various relaxation techniques and imagery, in order to increase comfort or transform physical sensations such as pain, to cold or numbness.


Biofeedback is used to enable an individual to learn how to change physiological activity for the purpose of improving both health and performance. A variety of different biofeedback techniques are available to patients.


Yoga is a practice originating in India which usually consists of physical exercises (stretches or
asanas), breathing techniques and meditation or relaxation. It is taught in yoga classes, can be
practised by the individual or incorporated into stress management programmes.

Autogenic therapy

Autogenic therapy refers to a particular technique of mental exercises involving relaxation and autosuggestion (i.e. a sort of self-hypnosis of the subconscious), which aims to teach individuals to reduce stress at will. The term “autogenic” means generated from within. Having been taught the method, the patient is encouraged to carry out the exercises regularly as a form of self-help.

Simonton Method

The Simonton method of counselling for cancer patients is a combination of mind-body modalities: cognitive-behavioural elements, relaxation exercises, guided imagery and meditation.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is a type of hand-mediated “energy healing” technique.