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The Anticancer Fund recommends to consult a physician or pharmacist before starting any therapy. Therapies or products sold over the internet are not always trustworthy. The Anticancer Fund does not provide vendor information about the therapies mentioned on our website.

The therapies listed below either claim to cure cancer or prolong survival or have been demonstrated to do so.

You can either find a therapy by submitting its name or synonym in the search box or you can view which therapies are available in certain types by selecting one of the categories.

The Anticancer Fund is aware of a number of therapies that we did not yet investigate thoroughly. To view the list of therapies, click on Investigated icon.

Therapies with the icon Book icon are more extended.

Surgical interventions

Procedures involving instrumental means to investigate or treat a cancer, or to improve the body’s functions or appearance. Generally, a surgical intervention involves an incision. More


Medical use of high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells and reduce tumor size. More

Registered drugs

Anti-cancer drugs with market authorization in the USA or in countries of the European Union. More

Cell-based therapies

Administration to patients of their own or someone else’s manipulated human cells. More

Synthetic products (excluding registered drugs)

Synthetically produced substances or modified natural products that are not registered as anti-cancer drugs.

Natural products (excluding registered drugs)

Substances found in nature that usually have a pharmacological or biological activity. More


Controlled consumption of carefully selected foods and beverages with the intent to influence disease outcome.

Mind-body interventions

Techniques designed to enhance the mind's capacity to affect the biological functioning of the body. More

Energy based therapies

Use of electromagnetic energy including electricity, magnetic fields, radio waves, microwaves, infrared rays and light to diagnose or treat disease.

Body-based & Manipulative therapies

Physical manipulation of the body using e.g. hands, feet or devices.


Therapies that do not belong to the currently defined categories.