My doctor has told me a definitive cure is unlikely for me. What are my treatment options?

Your doctor will propose a treatment plan even if the chance to cure your cancer definitively is unlikely. Having a second opinion could help you to find out which other possible options there are for you.

If you consider complementary or alternative therapies, we have good and reliable information about the safety and efficacy of many of these therapies. Complementary therapies can be used in addition to traditional treatment, for instance to relieve side effects or to improve quality of life. Complementary therapies include dietary supplements, mind-body therapies or other forms of medicine such as acupuncture and homeopathy.

Patients should always tell their doctor about the complementary therapies they would like to use, actually use or have been using, since these can interact with regular medications patients may still be taking. It must also be noted that complementary therapies can have side effects as well and that the safety or efficacy of these therapies is not always guaranteed.

Even if it is not possible to cure your cancer anymore, meaning to get definitely rid of it, the treatment you receive may prolong your life, relieve your symptoms and improve your quality of life.