World Cancer Day 2017

News source: 
Anticancer Fund


This year World Cancer Day draws attention to the relation between sports and the quality of life of cancer patients. Recent international research conducted by Dr. Buffart – where results of previous studies were combined – on cancer patients with different types of cancer revealed that physical exercise has a significant effect on the quality of life and the physical condition. Both during and after the treatment, patients who took part in sports, showed a remarkable progress. This positive effect increased when practicing sport under professional supervision.

The Anticancer Fund specifies in the Guide for patients “Nutrition and physical exercise” the importance of a healthy lifestyle, more specific: a proper nutrition and sufficient physical exercise. The guide groups all recommendations established by specialists worldwide. These recommendations underline the importance of a healthy body weight that can be obtained by a balanced eating pattern based on mainly vegetable and high-fibre food with a lot of fruit, vegetables and wholegrain products, a reduced use of alcohol and little red and treated meat and a smoking ban. In addition to the previous, is regular physical exercise necessary to maintain a healthy body weight. The recommendations prescribe to, if possible, do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day (walking, running, gardening,…). The quantity and intensity depends from person to person and depends on the treatment of the patient, but it is essential to avoid inactivity.