New guide for patients available on nutrition in cancer cachexia

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Anticancer Fund



Cachexia is a problem that doesn’t receive enough attention during a cancer treatment. It consists out of an unwanted and progressive weight loss that can cause severe consequences. It is the result of complex interactions between many processes that are provoked by factors released by both the tumor and by the body reacting to the tumor. As a consequence, the patient eats less, breaks down too many nutrients, loses muscle and fat tissue, is fatigued, functions less well, does not respond optimally to conventional anticancer therapy and nutritional support and, overall, has a worse prognosis.

The Anticancer Fund created a guide to raise awareness about the problem, because an early detection can save lives. This guide give an answer on the following questions:

• What is the impact of food intake and nutritional status on cancer cachexia?
• Can adapting the diet and giving oral supplements to improve the quantity and quality of nutrients prevent, delay or alleviate cancer cachexia?

The Anticancer Fund also want to refer to a general guide about nutritional problems. The nutritional problems that are encountered differ widely from person to person, with common issues being loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, weight gain or loss, anorexia, changes to one’s sense of taste and smell, bowel movement problems, mucositis, difficulty swallowing, a dry mouth, problems with one’s teeth, muscle loss and fatigue.


The guides:

Nutrition in cancer cachexia

Dealing with nutritional problems due to cancer and the treatment