A new guide for patients available - Non-Conventional Treatment Options in Breast Cancer

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Anticancer Fund

Thanks to the financial support of the lingerie firm Van de Velde (www.vandevelde.eu) the guide “Non-Conventional Treatment Options in Breast Cancer” was created by a team of scientists at the Anticancer Fund. The complex issue of non-conventional therapies for breast cancer is described in a comprehensive (lay-person) language for breast cancer patients and their supporters.

Both the Anticancer Fund and the lingerie firm Van de Velde want to help breast cancer patients deal with the volume of information that they may receive from family and friends, or find on the internet, the news, etc. The booklet will help to put non-conventional treatments into perspective regarding any statements made about these treatment options, and give some guidance as to whether a treatment is trustworthy and potentially safe.

It also specifies the scientific evidence in relation to some of the more popular non-conventional treatments for breast cancer and it outlines the rights and responsibilities as a patient.

This booklet can be a guidance when discussing those non-conventional topics which are of interest to you with your doctor and/or oncologist. For additional questions, the Anticancer Fund can be contacted: info@anticancerfund [dot] org