The Anticancer Fund developed various GUIDES for cancer patients and cancer caregivers who are both looking for helpful information.

The Anticancer fund developed guides for patients with general information. These guides address various questions concerning a particular cancer stage (just diagnosed or advanced cancer), conventional and complementary treatments, and life style.

A guide for patients with advanced cancer

A guide for patients who have just been diagnosed with cancer

Conventional therapies

How to understand and access conventional cancer treatments

Non-conventional therapies

Information about non-conventional therapies

Integrative cancer care

Explains how integrative cancer care addresses the whole person

Energy-based therapies

Conveys a range of energy therapies with more information about scientific modalities such as hyperthermia


Do & don’ts about buying & taking supplements

Mind&body medicine

Information explaining mind&body interventions

Nutrition and physical exercise, both during and after treatment

Information about a cancer diet & health benefits from exercise

Body Weight and Prognosis in Cancer Survivors

Influence of the body weight on cancer prognosis.