Puede ponerse en contacto con la Fundación Contra el Cáncer vía e-mail: info@anticancerfund [dot] org


Fundación Contra el Cáncer - Anticancer Fund

Boechoutlaan 221
1853 Strombeek-Bever

tel +32 2 268 48 16

Personalized information

The Anticancer Fund engages itself to answer all questions from patients or their relatives personally. Please allow us some time to have a look at your questions and carefully select accurate information. We aim to reply to your request within 3 working days.

We provide nonjudgmental yet evidence-based information on treatment options, clinical trials,  guidelines, non-conventional treatments, and much more.

Because there are many types and sub forms of cancer, all requiring different treatment, it is crucial that we receive detailed information about the patient and his/her illness.

Please send all your questions to info@anticancerfund [dot] org together with your/the patient’s age, gender, type of cancer and stage, previous treatments and planned treatments and, preferably, attach a medical report, a pathological report or a report from the multidisciplinary consultation. Your oncologist or your GP can help you in getting a copy of these reports.  To improve our service to patients, we very much appreciate any feedback on the information that was provided to you by the Anticancer Fund.

The information provided by the Anticancer Fund is not medical advice and does not replace a medical consultation. Decision about any treatment should always be made after a discussion with the treating physician.


we are looking for colleAgues

La Fundación Contra el Cáncer está actualmente contratando nuevos colaboradores y formando una red de expertos en este campo que apoyen nuestra misión y lleven a cabo una revisión crítica de nuestros informes de evaluación.